Best Attorney …

What should you consider when hiring the best lawyer for you? I would suggest that you consider the experience and availability of any attorney your hire.

Most attorneys who handle corporate mergers, do not take divorce cases. If you are looking for a divorce attorney, make sure your attorney has tried divorce cases. Past experiences and results matter.

If you cannot speak with the attorney that will handle your case, then he or she maybe too busy to properly handle your case. Talking with the secretary or paralegal is not the same with talking with an attorney. Being able to communicate all of the facts of your case to your attorney will improve your result. Just one small fact properly presented to the judge or jury can make the difference in your case.

My hourly rate is $200.00 per hour. I may take certain cases on a contingent bases and each case is different.   Whatever your situation you should be aware that attorneys charge different rates. Attorneys also have different ideas of how to take care of their clients. Talk with an attorney that will take the time to listen to you!

A website is not a substitute for speaking with a lawyer on your case.